Our Horsemanship sessions are designed to help you solve horse problems and improve your Horsemanship skills. We tailor them to your and your horses individual needs, to make sure that you will get the most value out of every lesson, training or workshop.


Agistment includes feeding according to each horse’s individual requirements – 2 hard feeds a day plus good quality lucerne hay.  Rugs are changed according to the weather and horses wear fly veils during the day in summer.  Upmost care is taken with every horse. Friendly staff are always on hand if an agistor needs help in any way.


Our facilities include a 60m x 30m Soiltex jumping and dressage sand arena. It’s an absolutely beautiful surface to ride on. We also have a three-acre jumping paddock.  This has been laser levelled, top dressed and turfed and includes a full set of show jumps. The dam is safe & lots of fun to take the horses in, especially in summer. All our facilities are free of charge for all our agistors.

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